Hip Hip Hooray … I have a new pair of socks!!

April of this year I started a pair of modified Los Monos toe up socks.  I finished the first sock in June and I am happy to report that I finally finished the mate. I’m quite pleased that my stripes are matching, with the exception of the last few inches at the top of the sock and cuff.  This was due to my heel, but I actually don’t mind and love how they turned out.

For this project I used Premier Serentity Sock yarn in the color Surf and two US size 1 1/2 circular needles in a 16″ length.  This was the second time I’ve used this yarn and I have to say I really enjoyed knitting with it and I love the colors.  

I will share that I have been mostly a Opal Sock yarn fan for all my socks but I’ve been quite impressed with this yarn and here’s why.  The first pair of socks I made in this yarn was Socks on A Plane, that was four years ago today and I wear them quite often.  There is no pilling, no stretching, no fading and they hold up in the wash quite well (yes, I machine wash my sock on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry).  The yarn is $4.99 a skein and it takes two skeins to make a pair of socks. So very cost effective for the sock knitting addicts out there like me.      

Do you have a favorite sock yarn ?
Until next time ~ stay creative!

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