Now that the tour is over

Tour de Fleece is officially over and I have to say I have been blown away over the amount of wool that was spun and the beauty of the finished yarn.   

I truly enjoyed my group, #teamspin15aday, which shared on Instagram and in our Ravelry group, #Spin15aDay  .  

For those of you on Instagram, check out what our group accomplished in spinning by using the hashtag #teamspin15aday2018 

I was very pleased with the small amount of fiber I spun up and here’s a recap …
64 yards of Whiteface Woodland 
40 yards of Natural Polwarth 
25 yards of Corriedale 
70 yards of Abundant Earth Fiber in Citrine 
67 yards of Abundant Earth Fiber in Sugar Snap

Now that the Tour de Fleece is over, I still will be spinning at least 15 minutes a day and will be working on my Abundant Earth Fiber.  I really want to finish it so I can cast on my Half Hap.  I will be starting the next color, Blood Orange, tomorrow and hope to have it finished and plied by the ed of the weekend.

I’m also finishing up my Targhee and while this hasn’t quite been an enjoyable spin for me, I look forward to getting it done and plied.  I’m hopeful I will have enough yardage for a shawl or cowl and mitts.

Did you enjoy this years Tour de Fleece ?

Until next time ~ stay creative!

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