I Spy A … Gnome!

Today I have to spotlight an adorable new pattern that was released this week by Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes, Here We Gnome Again.   These adorable little Gnomes are perfect for leftover amounts of yarn, single skeins of yarn you have no idea what to do with or a fun trip to the yarn shop!

Please note that Sarah has a promotion going on ….  Gnometastic! Get this pattern 50% off! No code needed. Offer lasts until noon CDT, Friday, July 20.  So be sure to get your copy soon!!!

From the Designers Ravelry Page:   Meet Gnancy and Gneville. Gnancy likes to read The Fellowship of the Rings while sipping mead. Gneville can’t sit still and enjoys rugby and Quidditch. Gorgeous twisted stitch cables trace elegant patterns all over the hat and body. Just like Never Not Gnoming, there are a number of tricks to keep the sewing to a minimum, including a new nose technique taught to me by knitterpam.

Photo courtesy of © Sarah Schira

Have you ever seen anything cuter??   I simply could not resist buying this pattern and will be stash diving this weekend to find just the right yarn to make both sizes.  

I may have to buy her other pattern too  ….  Never Not Gnoming.  My hubby thinks these would be perfect for Christmas!

Photo courtesy © Sarah Schira

From the Designers Ravelry Page:  Gnomes! Whimsical, dapper, endlessly delightful. I find making them so addictive that my teenaged son started to joke that I needed my own hashtag: #nevernotgnoming. Once I started I could hardly stop, and soon I was improvising ways to make them faster and simpler. You’ll get three gnome patterns in one: a small gnome ornament, a medium gnome that stands, and a larger gnome to rule whimsically and benevolently over all other gnomes. You also get 2 beard styles – horizontal and vertical.

I hope you enjoyed today’s pattern spotlight.
Until next time ~ Happy Knitting! 

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