Intentional Spinning

Like many spinners, I typically spin for the pure enjoyment of watching my wheel go around, turning beautiful fiber into yarn.  There’s something about this process that is very soothing and mediative.  Just like knitting, I truly find spinning to be very therapeutic.  It allows me to be centered and sort out my thoughts of the day.

During Tour De Fleece, spinners are spinning as fast as they can to create loads of finished yarn.  But there’s also other reasons to spin.  There are times we spin for a project in mind,  which I like to call intentional spinning.  During this years Tour De Fleece, that is exactly what I’m doing.

Now that I have caught up on my breed study spinning,  I’m spinning for a project in mind. A very simple garter stitch cowl, with a bit of color called the Hap Cowl by Ella Gordon.  I love the simplicity of this design and it was just echoing “handspun” when I first saw it.

Courtesy of Ella Gordon

From the designer’s Ravelry page:  A circular cowl inspired by the elements of traditional Shetland Haps, worked flat and then seamed this cowl uses garter stitch, simple lace and colour changes for a surprisingly easy but effective looking knit. My two colourways are inspired by nature in Shetland: Colourway 1 reminds me of the sea, sand and cliff’s whereas Colourway two is inspired by the heather, peat banks and moss you can see all over Shetland.

The fiber I’m currently spinning, Signature Roving by Abundant Earth Fiber,  reminds me of Shetland.  It’s rustic in nature, and spins up beautifully.  My intent is to spin Skylight (below right) as the main color and then spin up Citrine (top left), Sugar Snap (below), Forage (bottom left ) and then Blood Orange (middle left).

I’m currently finishing up Citrine and hope to have it chained plained by tomorrow.  Once it’s off my wheel, I will start spinning Sugar Snap. I may not get all my colors spun up during this years Tour De Fleece, but I’m hopefully to get at least three colors finished.

Why do  you spin ?
Until next time, happy spinning!

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