Sunday Happenings: Tour De Fleece, WIPS and a FO

Tour de Fleece began yesterday and it’s been about 4 years since I’ve actually participated.  I decided this year I would join the fun with the #spin15aday group on Ravelry.

I love the simplicity of this group, just spin at 15 minutes a day (or more) and post at least 14 photos for a chance to win a gorgeous collection of wool ( 16 oz total ).

I’m not spinning for a prize, I’m spinning for dedication, discipline, focus, cheering my team on and for achieving a goal.

Here’s what I plan to spin:

I am starting with 2 oz. of Woodland Whiteface,  which is from the spring breed study from the 1764 Shepherdess.  I am planning to chain ply this fiber and I’m aiming for 65 to 75 yards.  I will then start the summer study, which consists of 1 oz each of Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale and Corridale.

Abundant Earth Fiber for a handspun colorwork project I’m working on.  I’m not sure how much I will get spun up but if I finish at least one color, I’ll be happy.

Friday I finished my 1 oz of Polwarth and ended up with 40 yards of heavy fingering to sport weight yarn.  I opted to chain ply this finished fiber and I love how squishy soft it turned out.

On the needles this week ….
I didn’t make too much progress on my Beekeeper Cardigan, which I knew would happen but I truly loved the thought of knitting a sweater in 4 to 6 days.  Unfortunately for me, life and vacation got in the way.   I will be ready to separate my sleeves soon and will be on to the body of the cardigan.
I’m also just about finished with my 2914 Cardigan.  Yesterday I seamed the shoulders and the sides, picked up the stitches for the neckline and have been knitting away.  I really have been enjoying this project and think it will be finished very soon!
So much crocheting, knitting and spinning to do and just not enough time.  Do you have that problem too ?
Until next time ~ happy knitting!

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