Saturday Book Review: Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Knitting Book

Several months ago I received a copy of the revised and updated Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Knitting Book.  First published in 1989, the Vogue Knitting- Ultimate Knitting Book was a the main resource in many personal knitting libraries.  I for one received a copy from Mother-n-Law as a Christmas gift in 1995 and I still remember how excited I was to receive such a wonderful gift.
I was completely enthralled with this book and it soon became my “go to resource” for learning many new techniques.

What do I love most about this book?  It’s a comprehensive resource that includes cables, color knitting, lace knitting , circular and directional knitting, techniques for binding on and binding off, finishing and more.  Yes, you can purchase books that are more extensive for each technique presented inside this book,  but if you just need the basics, on a budget or a newer knitter this is a wonderful book to add to your library collections.

I especially like the chapter that covers yarn, gauge and needle size.  Often this part is just glazed over and not much detail is given, but in the first chapter, Yarns & Supplies, there are five detailed pages covering many aspects of yarn.

Here’s what you will find inside:

  1. Yarn’s & Supplies – yarns, tools, accessories and getting organized
  2. Basic Techniques – the structure of knitting, holding yarn and needles, casting on, binding off, basic knit stitch, basis purl stitch, basic stitch patterns, joining yarns, increases and decreases.
  3. Cables – introduction to cables, types of cables, understanding cable symbols, reading cable charts, cable stitches and symbols and cabling without a cable needle.
  4. Color Knitting – stranded knitting, intarsia, bobbins, charts, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, slip stitches, mosaic knitting, short-row color knitting and plaid knitting.
  5. Lace – introduction to lace, yarn overs, decreases, reading lace charts, shaping in lace, lace borders and edgings, blocking lace and correcting mistakes in lace knitting
  6. Circular Knitting – knitting in the round, circular needles, double pointed needles, two circular needles, magic loop, jogless join, stepping and moebius knitting.
  7. Directional Knitting – entrelac, how to knit entrelac in the round, modular knitting, bias knitting, center out knitting, center out squares, center out circles, center out geometric shapes and center out stars.
  8. Advanced Techniques – brioche knitting, double knitting, tucks, loop stitch, elongated and drop stitches and felting.
  9. Understanding Structure – understanding garment knitting, schematics, gauge, gauge swatch for knitting in the round, counting rows, knitting and crochet abbreviations explained, knitting terminology, symbols and unusual and alternative symbols.
  10. Correcting Errors
  11. Finishing – introduction to blocking, blocking materials, seaming, grafting, pickup stitches, sewing in a sleeve and attaching separate pieces and hemming.
  12. Designing Sweaters – this is a very long chapter that covers many aspects of designing  a sweater, including planning yarn amounts, shaping, sizing, buttonholes, bands, hems and much more.
  13. Designing Shawls – introduction to shawls, designing shawls, square and rectangular shawls, shetland construction, triangular, circular and have circular, crescent and short row, faroese shawl construction, nupps and beads, and ruanas.
  14. Designing Acessories – designing hats, mittens and gloves, socks , techniques and blocking.
  15. Embellishments – embroidery, knitting with beads and knitting with sequins.
  16. Caring for Knitwear – cleaning, folding and storing.
$39.95 US / $53.95 Can
Sixth & Spring Publishing

From the Publisher:  With updated, revised, and fresh material throughout, 65 additional pages, and more than 1,600 photos and hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book is surprisingly easy to navigate with thorough indexing and footnote cross-referencing. From beginners needing to learn the very basics to seasoned knitters wanting a refresher on a complex technique, every knitter will cherish this guide for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the revised and updated  Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Knitting Book.  I do encourage you to take a good look at this book and consider it for your knitting library.

Until next time ~ happy knitting!

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