On the Needles and Languishing On the Needles

Like most knitters I have many projects going at once with a few of them really going no where.  I see new patterns posted on Ravelry or photos of test knits on Instagram and I immediately have the urge to buy the pattern and cast on.

This happened to me several months ago when I saw someone post a photo of their finished Buttercup ( design by Heidi Kirrmaier) on Instagram.  This pattern has been on my list of must knits for a very long time and of course I had to buy the yarn and cast on immediately.

Hmmmm…. that was in April and I haven’t made much progress.  For this project I’m using 10 skeins  of Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy and a size US 4 circular needle.  I have two more increases to go for the body and then it will be smooth sailing to the bottom edge.

Languishing on my needles are two pairs of socks.  I started a modified version of  Los Monos Locos  and I’m just about finished with the first sock. I’m using Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Prints in Surf.  I really love the yarn and the striping, I just can’t seem to get this one done so I can start the mate.

Actively on my needles is my 2914 Cardigan.  I absolutely love this design, and the yarn.   I’m still on the sleeves but should start the shoulder and neck shaping very soon.
What’s on your needles and hook today ?
Until next time, happy knitting!

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