A Bit of Crochet Now and Then is a Good Thing

Sometimes in life your creative side gets steered into a new direction.  I’m an avid knitter and pretty much take my knitting with me everywhere I go.  It’s usually a small project,  like a sock or hat,  that can be tucked inside my purse for those  moments that I need to have something to keep me busy.

When I purchased 4 skeins of Berroco Millefiori in the colorway Azalea (photo below right), I had the intention of making a shawl using the pattern created Amy Christoffers called Kveta (photo below left).  The design of course only calls for 2 skeins but for some reason I bought 2 additional skeins for that “just in case I needed it” reason.
I guess my reasoning for the additional skeins paid off.  When summoned for jury duty I found out that I could not take my knitting with me as knitting needles were listed in the sections “items not allowed in  court” area of the court I was being summoned too.  As a maker, and a knitter, I was totally bummed. I knew I could take a book but I wanted to keep my hands busy while waiting.

So I decided to take a crochet project with me and chose my stash of Millefiori as the perfect compliment to the pattern,  Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel .  I’m loving how the yarn is looking and the colors are gorgeous!  I’m also finding that this project is a nice change of pace to knitting and a very soothing one.

When I came home, I continued to crochet as it was really hard to stop.  Just look at those colors!!!  I’m truly in love with this yarn and I’m so happy I decided to use it for a crochet project over a knitted project.  This finished shawl will be perfect for fall and I’m hoping to have enough yarn left over to make a pair of matching mitts.

What project to you like to carry with you at all times ?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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