#Spin15aday Challenge and Breed Study

Ok spinners, do you spin at least 15 minutes a day?  
If not, how often do you spin each day ?  

Starting in April, Sherrill of The 1764 Shepherdess is challenging us on Instagram ,and on Ravelry , to a breed study.  This is two fold, one to spin at least 15 minutes a day, which honestly helps to keep your spinning consistent, and to learn about new breeds of wool.   

For those of you who know Sherrill, she is very passionate about wool and learning about  the different breeds. Because of her enthusiasm, I have learned so much about different breeds, their characteristics and how each sheep breed offers something unique when it comes to a finished spun product.  

So needless to say I’m very excited to join in the fun and look forward to spinning Gotland in April, Polwarth in May and Whiteface Woodland in June.  I’ve not heard of Whiteface Woodland, so I’m especially curious about this wool and see how it spins up.

About Gotland:  The Gotland, also called the Gotland Pelt, is a breed of domestic sheep named for the Swedish island of Gotland

About Polwarth:  Polwarth is a breed of sheep that was developed in Victoria during 1880. They were of one-quarter Lincoln and three-quarters Merino bloodlines.

About Whiteface Woodland:  The Whitefaced Woodland is a sheep breed from the Woodlands of Hope an area in the South Pennines in England.

If you want to join in the fun, please visit Sherrill’s Ravelry Group at #spin15aday or join in the fun on Instagram by following Sherrill at  @the1764shepherdess .  Sherrill is selling breed packs for the spring study and still has a few left in her online shop.

I hope you will join in the fun!

Until next time ~ knit on, spin on and create!

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