Ahhh…. The Magic of Knitting

I’ve been thinking about what knitting means to me and why I’m so drawn to it.

Simply put, knitting is pure magic!  

It gives us confidence to create, gives us inspiration to strive to be the best and it allows us to dream of what might be.  

Every day I’m totally amazed of the women I come across, face to face and online.  We each come from different paths in life, but knitting gives us all the same journey, the journey to take a fluff of fiber and transform it magically into a beautiful creative design, a design that only we can imagine, a design that comes from our very soul.  I’m in awe that we are kindred spirits, all with the same passion and desire.   

No matter where we all come from, we all have one thing in common, a burning passion to create and to be creative.  We unite like no other force on earth, that has been proven through many online venues such as RavelryFaceBookInstagramTwitter and through the power of blogging.  

We see each other from afar, knitting peacefully away and when we look up to share a smile, it’s a smile that we can only understand.   We are peaceful and tranquil in nature, and with the whirl of the spinning wheel and the clacking of needles we insure ourselves to remain this way.

We are sisterhood of women that have banded together to recreate a tradition of old, the tradition of knitting.

In the words of Anne Bartlett …..

“And in the act of making things, just by living their daily lives, they also make history.” 
― Anne BartlettKnitting

Until next time ~ be creative and knit on!


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